I am a synergy success story. Since I began training at synergy, I have been transformed into a healthier, stronger, and more confident version of myself. The
trainers at synergy have a strong knowledge base of kinesiology and biomechanics and are passionate about educating their clients and assisting them in achieving their goals.



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The workouts are safe, effective, and can be tailored to each individual’s fitness level. The education and training I have received at synergy has impacted both my
personal and professional life as a physical therapist.


I am now able to better serve my patients on a daily basis and could not be happier with my synergy experience.

Lindsay Davison
Doctor of Physical Therapy


As the owner of Synergy Personal Training, it gave me great pleasure to personally add to the extent at which Lindsay has taken her fitness journey. While coaching one of our bootcamp classes I noticed Lindsay excelling and needing a greater challenge. I reached out to Lindsay and offered to give her a personal session to show her what being pushed truly feels like. Shortly there after Lindsay transitioned out of our bootcamp program to one on one training with myself.

Since our personal training has begun Lindsay has made great strides in changing her physique and with it her overall outlook on adopting and living a lifestyle of health and fitness. From unconfident and weak when she begun with us, to now bold and strong, Lindsay’s organic progression training with us is a great testimony to how our programs and trainers are changing lives daily.

Walter Gonzales